Project Description

Full On Ceramic Coating with XPC3

Our ceramic coating service comes with full interior detail, all trim restored, wheel wells and tires cleaned and treated, engine bay clean, and rain-x hand applied to windows. (All vehicles receive 2 coats as part of our service)
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Small Vehicle

  • Ceramic Coating with XPC3

Medium Vehicle

  • Ceramic Coating with XPC3

Large Vehicle

  • Ceramic Coating with XPC3

X-Large Vehicle

  • Ceramic Coating with XPC3

Ceramic Coat Application Process

  1. Hand wash & iron decontamination
  2. Clay bar treatment to remove surface impurities & old wax
  3. Cut paint to remove deep imperfections (scratches, swirls)
  4. Full correction of paint and polish to PERFECT paint finish
  5. Alcohol wipe to remove any leftover compound or polish
  6. First coat with XPC3 ceramic (Let cure for 1 hour)
  7. Second coat of XPC3 ceramic
  8. Treat wheels with ceramic polish
  9. All trim is renewed to its natural black
  10. Glass receives RAIN-X
  11. Allow to cure for 24 hours without sun exposure
  12. Complete interior detail
  13. Engine bay cleaning