Located in Prescott

Conveniently located close to downtown, on the corner of Sheldon and Virginia.

Richie’s Express Auto Wash utilizes the newest technology to allow customers to pay via cash or credit card through a very friendly “ATM” like machine. Customers are able to purchase or reload the Richie’s Loyalty Card at the wash, just ask for a Manager!

When you leave, your car will be very clean and dry! Along with our 5 high efficiency blowers, we use microfiber towels to hand dry your vehicle. We use spot free R/O high-pressure rinse, so if there’s any water left once you drive away it will not create spots. We strive for perfection, and work hard to make sure you leave with a car that is clean, dry, and shiny.

Business Hours

Mon.-Sat. 8a-5:30p | Sun. 9a-3p

Mon.-Sat. 9a-5:30p | Sun. 9a-3p

*Closed on most major holidays
*Weather may cause irregular hours